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K.B. Spangler and Christopher B. Wright Discuss CleanReader on Twitter

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I'm going to add a little context, but for the most part I think the tweets should speak to themselves.

Yesterday I heard about a service called CleanReader, but didn't pay too much attention to it. This morning K.B. Spangler, a fantastic web cartoonist AND author, had some very clear opinions on it:

Yesterday Help Desk turned Seventeen

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Not an April Fool's joke (I don't really do those too much). Just an observation that as of yesterday Help Desk has been in publication for seventeen years. I should probably put an asterisk next to '98 but I won't. So there!

Anyway. That's a pretty long run on the Internet and I'm pleased I managed to hang in there. There were definitely moments I considered walking away from it all.

Let's see if I can make to twenty!

First Do No Harm: Part Four

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Curveball, by Christopher B. Wright
Conflict Resolution

The elevator door dings a second time. CB and Jenny hear the doors slide open as heavy-booted feet stomp out into the cube farm.

CB lights his cigarette.

“You’re going to smoke now?” Jenny stares at him incredulously.

“Yep,” CB says. “It’s kind of a thing.” He closes his eyes and concentrates. He feels the world spinning around him.