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The Sickness Within: Part Two

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Curveball, by Christopher B. Wright
Last Wednesday

Martin Forrest shifts in his chair and stares at the young man staring back at him from across the desk. Jason Kline is only a few years older than Jenny—Martin’s sure he’s a few years shy of thirty—but he has the bearing and confidence of someone decades older.

Warm without appearing invested, professional without appearing detached. It’s a hard mask to develop. It’s exactly the kind of mask Martin used when he was a cop interviewing a witness. It doesn’t bother him that Jason Kline is using it on him—quite the contrary. It’s effective, professional, and polite. But it puts Martin on his guard.

“Thank you for coming, Mr. Forrest.” Jason speaks with just a hint of a Midwestern accent, almost but not quite swallowed up by years of living in the city.

“I’ll answer what I can, Mr. Kline.” Martin shifts in his chair again.

The Sickness Within: Part One

Submitted by Christopher Wright on
Curveball, by Christopher B. Wright
Farraday City Sewer

They run across the street, catty-corner, to the cafe where they started the night. They duck around the building, into a side alley.

Jenny doesn’t say anything. CB is worried about that.

The sirens are very loud now. CB hears a squad car stop in front of the cafe. He runs to the end of the alley and stops, scraping about in the dirt and debris until finally, with a grunt, he pulls a manhole cover out of the ground.

“Come on.” CB’s voice is low. “It’s dark, but only for a bit.”

“We’re going into the sewers?” Jenny keeps her voice low as well, but he can hear her distaste. It doesn’t keep her from climbing down, however.

Upcoming Interruption of Schedule

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Good morning, happy Monday, ugh. All the basics. An important announcement to start off the week:

I am moving to another state

Early next month (basically a couple weeks from now) I will be moving to Montgomery, Alabama. Preparing for this is pretty distracting: there’s a lot to do, not a lot of time to do it, and I still have to do things like “work” and “earn money,” which is inconvenient.

The move is affecting updates to content on this site

The site itself isn’t moving, but it’s going to be affected by all the time we’re putting into it. Updates will be erratic, and some plans for content will be kicked down the curb as I’m forced to triage my online activities.