Ten Things About Me as a Writer that are Probably Irrelevant (but that you might find interesting anyway)

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While I was going through my Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul I found myself doing a fair amount of self-reflection. Or navel-gazing. I get them confused a lot, but THE POINT IS that as I did I started remembering odd little bits about myself that I found either vaguely amusing or semi-revelatory. I don't think they're informative on a deep, spiritual level, but they did amuse me. Think of it as me re-introducing myself to you, the audience, after a long absence.

So without further ado... Ten Things About Me as a Writer that are Probably Irrelevant (but that you might find interesting anyway):


Yes Virginia, There Really is a Writer's Block

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There are writers out there who are very clear in their opinion that there is no such thing as "Writer's Block." They are convinced that the phrase was invented by, I don't know, lazy writers seeking to excuse their own lack of commitment to their work, or writers who have been duped into thinking they are victims of some kind of strange external force bearing down on them, or something. I've read any number of articles from writers about how Writer's Block is a myth and it doesn't exist and how writers should stop using the phrase immediately.

For the record: I am not one of those writers.

Just deleted a bunch of spam user accounts

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The new fun game the blogspammers have adopted when plaguing my site is to create an account and try to create posts in the Eviscerati Forums. This worked for a while until I changed a few settings so that my spamcatcher could do its thing... but even though they haven't been able to break through Mollom for a few weeks, they keep registering accounts.

So today I purged a lot of spam accounts from the roles. I'm pretty sure I only purged spam accounts--their account names are rather, ah, distinctive--but it's possible I accidentally nuked some legitimate accounts as well. If that happened to you, I'm sorry. On the other hand, you might want to avoid using account names like "petergrflkmmmbtp" in the future.