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A Rake by Starlight - Chapter 26

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WHEREIN Outside Forces Invite Themselves In

Velis Enge leaned back in her office chair, blearily rubbing the sleep from her eyes as she forced herself to finish reading the mission debrief. She thought back wistfully to her days as a field agent, complaining about having to write them. She smiled briefly—relishing the irony—then forced herself to pay attention to her work. When she finished, she placed the data tablet down on her desk with a sigh and reached for the lukewarm cup of coffee on her desk.

Blurred Lines: Part Four

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Jacob K. Javits Federal Building

The 32nd floor of the Jacob K. Javits Federal Building in New York City is devoted to the Department of Homeland Security’s Task Force for Metahuman Activity. That’s where Division M set up shop, and when Alishia Webb lands on the roof—the Federal Building is a designated Sky Commando refit and refuel center—she sees one of them waiting for her by the lift.

Alishia waits until the outer shell is secured to the roof, then opens it up and steps out in the tactical suit. She takes off her helmet as the agent—an Asian woman with an oddly reddish tint to her skin—approaches.

“Agent Hu,” the woman says, hand extended.

Alishia shakes her hand. “Sky Commando,” she says. She still gets a rush from saying that.

Blurred Lines: Part Three

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CB leans against the boardwalk rail, looking at the old Hyatt building tenement he used to call home. A few days ago it was. Then someone from his past showed up, and everyone died. That’s the word on the street: no survivors.

The cops have the whole building under wraps—literally under wraps, covered in some kind of industrial-grade cellophane or saran wrap. Police tape encircles the entire building. The only way in is through an isolation tent set up in front of the hole Red Shift put through the lobby wall.

CB pushes himself off the rail and heads toward the building. There aren’t too many people around—it’s still mid-morning, and the Boardwalk is mostly nocturnal. The four cops on the scene are huddled off to one side of the airlock tent, sitting on the hood of a police car, drinking coffee and looking bored.

“Oi!” CB calls out to the cops, waving in their direction. They turn to him, startled, and gape as he ducks under the police tape, walking toward the tent. Two cops hastily set their coffee on the hood of the car and move to intercept, hands resting on their holsters.

Blurred Lines: Part Two

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Farraday City Bunker

“You’re cheating.”

Jenny tries to wipe sweat off her face with the back of her arm as she glares at Red Shift. He stares back serenely, not even the faintest trace of perspiration on his forehead.

“No I’m not,” Red Shift says. “The whole point of having ‘super powers’ is that they give you advantages. The whole point of training with someone who has ‘super powers’ is to learn how to adapt to their advantages, and to use your advantages in a way that allows you to control the fight.”

“Fine,” Jenny mutters, and lowers herself into a crouch.

Red Shift waits.

Blurred Lines: Part One

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Farraday City Slums

Water sprays in all directions as CB misses a step, stumbling into an ankle-deep puddle. He fights back the urge to swear and steadies his pace as he races down the alley. He sees a flash of green—BDU pants—as Bruiser disappears around the corner of a building at the far end.

CB ignores the water seeping into his left sock and runs. He’s fast, but Bruiser has a head start. He reaches the corner and emerges from the alley into an abandoned street. It looks like it was evacuated during a hurricane, and nobody ever bothered to come back—storefront windows are boarded, doors are barricaded—but the boards are warped and cracked, and some are falling away. The road looks like a shattered window, spidery web-like fractures running through the asphalt, making it look more like a series of shattered windows laid out on the ground.

No sign of Bruiser.