Forces Gather: Part One

Submitted by Christopher Wright on
Jacob K. Javits Federal Building

The New York offices of the Federal Bureau of Metahuman Affairs take up four floors of the Jacob K. Javits Federal Building in the Civic Center district of Manhattan. Peter Raphael Travers’ office is on the 28th floor—the lowest of the four—and it’s small compared to most of the others. Technically he should have moved up to a much larger office in the Department of Homeland Security floors a decade ago, but so much of his work is with the FBMA it didn’t make sense to move him out of his old space. Travers doesn’t mind. Once upon a time, before computers were standard business equipment, the office might have been a little cramped. Now it was more than adequate: large enough for his desk, his chair, two guest chairs, and a file cabinet with an old coffee maker sitting on top of it.

Travers leans back in his chair, sipping his coffee while he stares at the monitor, and frowns as he considers the report on display. It’s going to be a rough week.

His desk phone rings. It’s Sally, the unit receptionist.

“Agent Travers, Agent Henry is here to see you. With… others.” Sally sounds nervous.

Travers raises an eyebrow. “Send him in.”

Status Report

Submitted by Christopher Wright on

July has been a difficult month.

I was supposed to have Issue 12 of Curveball out this month. I was also supposed to have the next chapter of The Points Between up. I was also supposed to have a lot more comics up than there actually are.

Instead, I spent most of July trying to find a job.

Issue 12 is currently about 25% complete. The next chapter of The Points Between is about 50% complete. On the other hand, I'm working again, so ability to feed family is once more at 100%.

Apologies for the delay. All the other projects--both fiction and comics--are moving forward. I have a lot of ground I need to make up...