Triple Helix: Part Three

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Warehouse Complex

The room is dim, narrow, long, and cold.

Cold in every sense of the word: it is physically cold—cold enough for Plague to see his own breath when he exhales—but it’s also cold in the abstract. The floor is bare concrete, the walls and ceiling metal—dull, brushed metal, treated to prevent frost.

The medical gurneys are set lengthwise against the longest of the walls, twelve to a side. The test subjects on the gurneys sleep—Plague prefers to think of it as sleeping—and equipment beeps and hisses softly as it monitors the vitals of each man, pushing more drugs into their bodies as needed.

“Poor bastards.”

Plague’s voice echoes slightly, bouncing off the walls as it travels down the long room. The technicians monitoring the equipment don’t bother to look up. He walks down the length of the room, looking at each subject in turn. There are no names, only numbers: Test Subject #1, Test Subject #2, Test Subject #3, and so on. There are twenty-four in this room, and two more rooms just like it. They tell him it’s the largest group yet. They tell him that’s why he’s here.

One of the reasons, anyway.

Triple Helix: Part Two

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Farraday City Suburbs

“Well it doesn’t look like a cesspit.” Special Agent Alan Grant stares out the passenger side window, staring at his surroundings with a mixture of curiosity, skepticism, and mild disappointment. “It does look evil, I guess. But suburbs always look evil to me.”

Special Agent Lijan Hu rolls her eyes, slowing the car down as they drive past children playing basketball in the driveway of one of many ranch-style houses lined up along the street. “Everything looks evil to you. You’re a misanthrope.”

“Am not. This isn’t hate, it’s tough love.”

Former Special Agent (now wanted terrorist) Peter Travers chuckles in amusement from the back seat.

“Sure it is,” Hu says. “Gimme a break. Do you know how many assholes I’ve met who use ‘tough love’ as their excuse to just be an asshole?”

Grant flashes her a wolfish grin. “At least one.”

Triple Helix: Part One

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Atlantic Ocean, Night

It was a stupid oversight. It looks like it might get them killed.

Steal a boat seemed like the most reasonable approach to escaping the island. Sea travel had been the most common way to get to and from the island for most of its history, after all. But Artemis had ordered the civilian population to evacuate, and as a result most of the seaworthy boats were gone. The one they’d chosen—an old seiner fishing boat—had looked like the best of the few boats still moored in the Port Libertad docks, but a few hours in and Artemis could tell they were in trouble.

He’s not sure how fast they’re sinking. Every calculation he attempts produces a different result, and eventually he admits he simply doesn’t know enough about the condition of the boat to predict when the leaking will stop being manageable. A few days at most, is his most optimistic guess—and that’s assuming the weather stays calm, which is far from guaranteed. He doubts there’s enough time for them to actually get anywhere.

Curveball Issue 24 Pushed Back to June

Submitted by Christopher Wright on

... well obviously it has, because it's June. Still, a brief explanation is in order.

Issue 24 is a double-sized issue (about 16,000 words instead of the standard 8-10K) so there's more to write. On top of that, I've been putting longer hours in at work because we're testing a new release, so I have less actual time to write. This has made my hope of getting the issue out on time a bit unrealistic.

I hope that it will be out this week. I am positive it will be out this month.

Sorry for the delay. Thanks for your patience. Assuming you are, in fact, patient, and not simply apathetic. :-D